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Building Relationships 

Hope, Knowledge and Charity

In the summer of 2014, Amy Wong will embark on a 70-day 4,687-mile journey to The Last Frontier in Alaska. How far is 4,687 miles? 4,687 miles is about nine Daytona 500s. 4,687 miles is a trip and a half across the continental U.S. from Maine to California. 4,687 miles is the distance from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska. What's the catch? She's doing it all on a bicycle. -- Spring 2013

Hooray for Horacio 

In this photojournalism documentary, Horacio Villarreal is featured through the life of a campaigner. In addition to attending class as a fourth year, full-time student and being involved in clubs and organizations, Horacio Villarreal ran for the position of Student Body President at The University of Texas at Austin. From speaker circuiting at club meetings to passing out fliers in the west mall, Horacio Villarreal put in a countless amount of time and sleepless nights in his campaign. Fortunately, it was worth it since he won. Hooray for Horacio! -- Spring 2013

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