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Kardashian News Daily

The Kardashian Family Mourns the Tragic Death of Kobe Bryant

Kim, Kendall and the other Kardashians express their shock and sadness following the passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant… and you’ll never guess how much money will be spent on Stormi’s 2nd birthday party… we’ll tell you coming up on Kardashian News Daily with Rachel Robillard! 

North West Released New Song in Kanye's Musical Footsteps

North raps like her daddy, Kanye West, at her school dance, and Khloe hosts a very bear-y baby shower for her BFF Malika... all this and MORE coming up today on Kardashian News Daily with Rachel Robillard!

David Dobrik Making Kourtney Kardashian’s Son TIKTOK FAMOUS??

Don’t sleep on Kourtney’s son, Mason Disick, since he’s in line to become your next favorite Tik Tok star with David Dobrik... and Kylie is living in a state of “euphoria” with daughter Stormi. It’s time for your Kardashian News Daily with Rachel Robillard!

Kanye Falls Off a HORSE During Sunday Service?!

It appears Kylie has a NEW bff to follow in Jordyn Woods’ footsteps… and did Kanye REALLY fall off a HORSE during Sunday Service? We have the details on today's Kardashian news daily with Rachel Robillard!

The West Christmas Card is OUT! Plus, Kanye and Jay Z Reunite!?

Santa works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder! The West family Christmas card is OUT! But where is the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan? Plus.. Kanye and Jay Z reunite at Diddy’s 50th Birthday Party... Coming up on your Kardashian News Daily with Rachel Robillard!

Kanye Announces First Ever OPERA + Visits with Joel Osteen

Kanye West opens up about serving God during his visit to Joel Osteen’s Houston church AND Ye announces he’s now heading to the OPERA! Your Kardashian News Daily starts right now with Rachel Robillard!

KUWTK Wins BIG At People’s Choice Awards + Kylie’s Fake Lawsuit

Khloe and the Kardashians win BIG at the People’s Choice Awards. We’ll tell you about the hardware they brought home... And Kylie fights back after fake rumors of her SUING a company for using “Rise and Shine”. Although sources say Kylie isn’t dating her baby daddy Travis Scott anymore— find out how she’s supporting his music— All that coming up on Kardashian News Daily with Rachel Robillard! 

50 Cent Rips Kanye Over Charging $55 for Pancakes!

50 cent is throwing shade at Kanye and comparing Sunday Service to FYRE FEST… and although Brunchella didn’t go all out, The West family did for their Halloween costumes-- All this and more coming up on Kardashian News Daily with Rachel Robillard!

Fans Upset After Kanye Charges HUNDREDS For Merchandise

BRAND NEW Jesus is King merch is out.. which includes a $250 sweatshirt. Who overcharges a sweatshirt with Jesus’ face on it??.. And who is Kylie kissing on her Instagram!? Find out on Kardashian News Daily with Rachel Robillard! 

Kendall SKIPS Kim's Birthday Weekend for NEW MAN??

All the Kardashians celebrate Kim’s birthday... except Kendall... who might have been with a new man! We have all the details coming up on today’s Kardashians News Daily with Rachel Robillard!

BIGGEST Takeaway From Kim Kardashian's E! True Hollywood Story

Who does Kim credit her success to in her E’s True Hollywood Story? We share the biggest reveal from the special. Plus, Kanye reveals a NEW release date for his album. When is it coming out next? Find out on Kardashian News Daily with Rachel Robillard!

The Emmys LAUGH at the Kardashians, and Kanye Laughs at his Haters!

Which Kardashians got laughed at while presenting at the Emmys? Also, Kanye is ranked hip hop’s highest paid act of 2019! All this and more with Kardashian News Daily with Rachel Robillard!

Kylie SHADES Travis Scott's New Music

Travis Scott just released new music and it appears Kylie isn’t a fan. She hasn’t shown the social media love since they broke up. But I thought they were “friends?” Isn’t that what “friends” do? She has promoted Travis’ music and successes in the past… Find out about that and more on today's Kardashian News Daily with Rachel Robillard! 

Kanye Fans Storm Social Media Over Jesus is King Album Delay

Oh baby… guess who’s pregnant?! And fans are STORMING social media after Kanye’s album delay! Your Kardashian News Daily starts now, with Rachel Robillard!

Kylie Jenner's PLAYBOY Released! What It Shows and What It Doesn't!

Kylie Jenner’s PLAYBOY magazine comes out and we have a copy! What’s in it? What’s not?? Plus, Caitlyn Jenner gets roasted on Comedy Central! This is Kardashians News Daily with Rachel Robillard! 

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