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Australia Portfolio, Reporting on the Changing Environment

Rachel had the opportunity to study abroad to Brisbane, Australia during summer 2014

Reporting UT Australia- Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles can be seen in the waters around Lady Elliot Island. Rachel Robillard reports on how both humans and their natural predators affect their survival.

AUIP Work Sample- AUIP Sustainability in South Queensland Study Abroad

This three and a half-week experiential program will take you to some of the most unique and exciting parts of Australia, where you will use the theme of sustainable development to study the complex relationship between people and the natural environment.

Reporting UT Australia- Scuba Diving

When exploring the underwater world, it's as easy as putting on a mask, snorkel, and diving in. But as Rachel Robillard reports, scuba diving requires special skills... and a license.

AUIP Work Sample- AUIP Journalism in South Queensland Study Abroad

This four-week study abroad program operates as an intensive reporting and writing seminar with the goal of honing students' storytelling skills to produce content across multimedia platforms for publication on the course website. Students will travel within three diverse ecosystems: the isolated Lady Elliot Island on the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef, the subtropical and temperate rainforest at Lamington National Park, and the Outback at Carnarvon Gorge.

Reporting UT Australia- Black Tip Reef Sharks

Rachel Robillard sat down with one of Lady Elliot Island's marine experts, Dr. Fabrice Jaine, about one of the ocean's most misunderstood creatures... sharks.

AUIP Work Sample- University of Texas Journalism Study Abroad

UT Reporting Australia's four-week program examines the environment of one of the most exotic, isolated, and ecologically diverse places on Earth: Australia. Based in Brisbane, students travel in the state of Queensland with science experts to visit three distinct ecosystems, each of which is experiencing dramatic impacts of climate change: Lamington National Park, Carnarvon Gorge and Lady Elliot Island.

Reporting UT Australia- Voyage to Lady Elliot Island

Access to transport guests to and from Lady Elliot Island is on a small aircraft, holding 9-13 people, chartered by Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort. Lady Elliot Island is a private closed destination and permission to access the Island is only granted by the Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort.No other flight access is permitted, and boat access is impractical.

Zip-lining through Lamington National Park in Binna Burra, Australia

How many people can say they went zip-lining through an Australian rainforest?

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